My Quiet Place

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old, Overweight and Balding

I have been searching through my graduating class on facebook this weekend. Now I have done this a couple of times before but this time I really noticed something about some of these people I went to school with. Not all of them look as young as they use to. It has finally hit, I am 33 and the people I went to high school are now starting to look old.

I look at some of the guys that I would have gone to the end of the earth to date and they are old. As I look at them I find myself asking why did I ever like them. They wouldn't have been good to me and then I look at my husband and understand why the relationships when I was young didn't or wouldn't have worked out. This is real love.

Tonight with a heart full of love, I can truly say that I have the best life I could have. There are many things I have wanted in my life that I don't have but maybe that is how it was suppose to be.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The doormat

Let me introduce myself I am "doormat". This is my 10th year teaching and I have never been made to feel more like a doormat as I have in the last few years. This year it seems to have really hit hard.
When I was growing up I always thought of teachers as being these wonderful people who loved everyone and who were looked highly appon. Teachers were the people who were there to help you do the best you could do. They were people everyone looked up too.

Boy how times have changed. I teach preschool and I am not looked at as much more than a glorified babysitter, by parents and even some colleauges.

Today really brought this to light for me. I had a parent coming for a second try at an orientation, after standing me up for the first one. Last week I scheduled this appointment with the parents and repeated the day and time twice before I got off the phone with her. So today at 12:00 I stood in the office and waited, 12:05, and waited 12:10, and waited, 12:20. No show! For the second time this parent had made me wait for over 20 minutes for her and for the second time she didn't show up. I might as well have layed down on the floor and let her walk on me and whip her feet.
Our progam is volunteery and has a waiting list. I decided that because this parent didn't take the responsiblity to make it to the orientation that we would just go on to the next child on the list and give them a chance to go to school. The higher ups all agreed so that is what we did. Knowing that sooner or later I was going to have to deal with this mother I finished my day and after dropping my students off at the busses I went into the office to find this parent sitting in the office waiting for me. She greeted me with a "good afternoon". I proceeded to remind her that her meeting was set up for 12:00pm. She then told me that she had called and left a message that she wouldn't be able to make it but would be at the school at 4:00-5:00. This message that I didn't receive made me feel like I was talking to the cable people (we will be there sometime between 1-5). I then informed this parent that this isn't the way I do things. I set the meeting up for a specific time and she couldn't just call and leave me an hour window that she might show up for and expect me to be there. I have other meetings and obligations that I am expected to do. I then informed her that his place in the class had been give to the next student on the list. She then became upset and let me know that I had just been wasting her time!?!?!

WOW! Now in this whole situation I thought I was the one who had been put out! I thought I was the one who's time had been wasted! I guess I was wrong. I should just understand that this woman should get as many chances as she wants to get this done. In fact I should just hang out at the school until she decides she wants to come and do this orientation. I know, how about we just have teachers be on call and then whenever parents feel like getting a hold of us we will be a there whim.

*breaths out* I am tired!! I am tired of parents not doing anything to help! I am tired of not getting the respect I deserve! AND I am tired of teachers being blamed for everything that is wrong with children, school and learning.