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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teacher of the Year

I will never be teacher of the year!

I have never thought I really had a bucket list but here lately I have started thinking about the things in life I want and have started writing things down. One thing I have always thought would be very cool is to be teacher of the year. Now I know that is a long shot and I know it will probably never happen. But boy wouldn't it be Great!

Tonight I realized this is something that will never happen. I am not the type of teacher that will ever win this award. I am not the teacher jumps every time I am asked and that does things just because someone tells me too. I do the things I know work with my students. I am a hard worker and will go the extra mile. I keep in touch with my parents, stress myself out making plans that I know my students will love and in the end I know that my students are better because of that.

In the end I will remember that it doesn't matter what awards I win, how others feel about me or what hoops I jump through. What really matters is that I give my students my best and no matter what I will know I make a difference.

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